Friday, 10 August 2012

Let's Meet Laelin!

Character Bio: Laelin.

As the story begins, we are introduced to Laelin; a determined ten year old (or tenth Cycle, if you live in Terrsa!) girl who is on the brink of a life changing situation. She is mature for her age and has a passion for books, knowledge and her clarsach; a harp like instrument.
Laelin ages through the book, and by the end of the first book we are left with a nearly-twenty, well established young woman.
  Her best friend is Sarla, and together they learn the importance of friendships, the responsibilities of adulthood and develop a curious obsession for exploring.

Laelin has two older brothers- Mak and Sorn, who she rarely sees due to the fact that they are both completing apprenticeships. Her father is a Miller and her mother makes and sells special breads and delicious fruit preserves.


As promised, a character bio! Obviously not fully developed yet as I'm still working out the niggles. As you might of guessed, I have named the world I'm creating (or, at least, trying to create) 'Terrsa'.
Any questions or suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for reading!


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