Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Wee Peek

Here's a little extract for a taste. Probably not too exciting as its the beginning so mainly consists of introducing. But here welcome!

The corridor opened up into the biggest hall Laelin had ever seen, filled with a mass of children shuffling around in attempt to find their place in the many rows of desks. The hall hummed with hundreds of muffled voices, and the few louder sounds of the adults trying to organise the children into their seats. The hall itself was breath-taking, the rich mahogany wood polished to a glisten, and the perfect walls were as white as fresh snow. Along each length of the hall, glinting golden candle holders were set at intervals midway up the wall. They looked very expensive, and were probably unique to the Study House; the gold was the finest quality, and delicately twisted into a vine-like masterpiece, spiralling around thick creamy candles. Each spiral ended at the top and turned into a big golden leaf, which lipped out and fell to below the candle itself, the detail in the leaves must have taken an age to complete; the veins criss-crossing in an elegant tangle. The ceiling was so high, Laelin had to crane her neck to see it all, and it almost entirely consisted of a huge domed skylight filled with a mosaic of pale stained glass.

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