Monday, 13 August 2012


Ok, so I have (most likely to a lot of people's relief) run out of things to post that are book related for now. I haven't wrote a synopsis yet because I'd like to do that when I'm done writing. The synopsis that's in my head right now is jumbled and probably wouldn't make sense to anyone else!

Anyway, this is just a general post of chit chat and meaningless jabber!
Yesterday (as you may know) was the end of the olympics! I must say I'm overwhelmed with relief. They have been rammed down my throat for far too long and I became sick to the ears hearing about them. I'm not a good spectator so they were kinda my idea of hell.
Tonight (for the UK readers) is the final of Big Brother and I'm equally elated about it's finishing. . . only the celebrity version is to start the day after tomorrow! (booo) I just don't see the fascination with watching people live together for a few months. It's about the same as window peeking from someones garden bushes. There's enough conflicts in my life without having to see other people argue for the cameras.

My other peeve is 50 Shades of Grey manifesting itself into society, and how all of these poor women who have been brainwashed into thinking it's the best book to have been written! I mean, come on?! If the story was just a "men's movie" (shall we say) on the internet women would be calling out left, right and center about how it's demoralising and an exploitation of the female population! Young women (and may be hopefully not GIRLS) will read it and get an untrue impression of sex and come to the conclusion that men are this mysterious, heart-throb being and (let's be honest) there's not many like that!
. . . that sounded sexist. I'm not like that really so I do apologise. I don't think all men are *bad word*, but the one's who are overshadow the nice ones. There are women who are total *bad word* too.
Anyway, I digress. It just annoys me how the world seems to have gone down the drain.

This has turned out to be a negative post! Oops!
Here's a mood lightener:

P.S. . . . if anyone would like a book review/proof-read done I'm always available! :)


  1. disagree with you. Peeking from the bushes sounds a LOT more fun than watching big brother! :P

  2. depends who's in the window *wink*

  3. Well you're not the only one. I can't abide all these stupid books. I agree, they make both men and women look bad and stupid. No I did not read 50 Shades nor will I ever because I despise those kinds of books, but I do find it funny that most of the popular things just really aren't written very well. I'll apologize if you like Twilight, but that's kind of the same way I felt about those (and yes I did read those) Bella just wasn't the smartest character, and Edward was all too good, and was I the only one who thought he was stalking her? Oh well ;)

    It does make me mad when all these lousy books are the ones that become popular. That's why when I write I write the kind of things I want to read and not just jumping on the bandwagon. (Good advice here to a new author, especially one trying to make a living off of it instead of doing it for pleasure: Never write what you don't love no matter what!) End of rant ;)

  4. Hi Hazel, thanks for your comment (and the follow!) Don't worry, I'm definitely NOT a fan of Twilight! I never got the chance to read the books, though after the release of the films, I'm pleased I didn't! I'm saddened to believe that the reason so many poorly written books become something of a "cult following" nowadays is that the intelligence of the average reader has significantly plummeted! Any word with more than 2 syllables leaves most in a state of confusion, and grammar is a complete mystery to them! And yes, i think Edward was a bit of a stalker too.

    I'm glad to have found another who shares my thoughts! Thank you for the tip, I shall reread everything to make sure I'm not sounding Meyer-y/idiot who wrote 50-y!

    Take Care,

  5. Haha, well, I only read Twilight so I could rant about it without people accusing me of not reading it because that is what my friends do :P

    Writing is just something that can only get better in time. There's no real way to teach writing but by practice. And you're first book, you'll most likely go over and over again, sometimes even re-writing whole parts of it, but that's the way it is. And it gets more and more easy as you go on =)