Saturday, 11 August 2012

Another Sneak Peek...

  Laelin consulted her Study Schedule and nervously approached the door marked “School Room 4” for her first Language class. She was looking forward to this class, as she loved reading and writing and was eager to learn more.
  Outside the School Room, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves and turned the smooth black handle with a shaky hand. The door opened to reveal a cosy space, filled with comfy chairs, an assortment of mix-matched tables of varying heights and several large cushions which were strewn across the floor. The walls were completely covered by huge bookshelves, packed full of books that gave the room a pleasant, old paper, smell. At the far end of the School Room was a large wooden desk piled high with teetering stacks of papers and yet more books. Peering over the books were the nose and eyes of a man, topped with messy strands of greying hair.
   A soothing, gentle voice came from somewhere below the nose, behind the pile of paper, “Take a seat, Miss Laelin”. The eyes seemed to smile at her, giving an impression of kindness.
  Only about half of the Studies had arrived so there were plenty of seats available. Laelin chose a chair that had a cushion covered with deep green velvet and pulled over a table that would suit the height of the chair. Just as she had settled the door opened again and she sensed a presence at her shoulder. Looking up, Laelin found herself staring into familiar rich-honey eyes and a mass of wild, jet black hair. Sarla!  She smiled up at the girl hopefully, but before she could say anything Sarla spoke.
   “You’re in my seat!”

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