Monday, 6 August 2012

A Jumble of Ideas

So I'm hard at work again today, fingers clattering away at the keyboard!
As I write, I'm finding a gush of many different ideas at once, not all for the part I'm writing now. I write them in my notepad as fast as I can, but it annoyingly interrupts my train of thought. I'm sure it'll calm down the further I get, but for now it can be confusing.

The other thing is my characters and setting. I have in my head a rough idea of appearance but haven't yet described the main character. I think I might create an Appendices while I write, to help me develop the characters, and also the settings.
I'm setting my books in another world; not as in outer space, but maybe as Earth would of once been eras ago or maybe how it would be now had things not developed to what they are. But with added spice, like magic!

Anyway, I feel as thought I'm starting to ramble, so I shall get back to writing!


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