Thursday, 9 August 2012

Attempts at Art and Obsessions I can't draw! My attempt at sketching a character resulted only in a hilarious, out-of-proportion THING. I might as well do stick figures, but that wouldn't paint a very detailed picture.
My map was ok...though maybe a ruler for next time.
I read on Trudi Canavan's website that she used clay and molded it into mountains and land structures then poured water over it to get a natural idea of rivers and seas/oceans. I quite like that idea; might have to get some clay.....

Meanwhile, my word count is gradually growing. Sentences are seeping from my ears and I'm dreaming about my story! Obsessed much? Methinks so.....
I'm even annoying myself.  =p

I'm planning on writing a character bio for my main watch this space!


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