Monday, 3 September 2012

Music and Gossip!

Hello all! I apologise for my lack of posts...

I've been writy-writing away...fingers clacking away at the keyboard! Had to buy a new notepad too for workings out, it's kinda comic book-esque so I rather like it. Also, the paper is sooo easy to write on. I'm gunna admit, that kind of thing gets me drooling haha! You can't beat a good bit of stationery! And when the pen just glides over the paper it's heavenly! Is it just me, or does anyone else get that?

In other news, we went go-karting for Jamie's (my partner) birthday. Was awesome! But it was my first time (I can't even drive) and I had a 'crash/pile up'. Suppose it added even more excitement and made the day even more eventful, but my finger got a little bashed and it doesn't half smart!

Onto books! Does anyone have any particular music/background ambiance they love to write to? I have a few I guess...a bit of Clutch and other various artists. I'm addicted to Dry Kill Logic right now haha. Also, A Texas Funeral! If you haven't heard them check them out:

That's all for now, just a wee post :)

Thanks for reading!

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